Every year many of us look forward to March as it’s the first month of Spring. We see colorful flowers blooming, grass starts to grow, leaves bud on the trees, and we come alive after a long-wilted winter.


Meaning we have longer, warmer lighter days ahead, where we are normally planning DIY projects, gardening and SPRING CLEANING love it or hate it, as soon as the sun shines and we open up our windows to let the fresh air in, we get stuck into cleaning everything.

I want to share a spring cleaning story which will leave you in awe at the surprise ending which was a little miracle of love. This is a true story that happened to me.

It had been a winter that never seemed to stop. I trudged through the six foot snow drifts to fetch corn from the tall metal bin north of the house beyond the tree row. Our little corn stove is the only heat in our house. It had to be filled with two five gallon buckets per day during the sub- zero temperatures. Dressed in my purple and black snow suit with only my eyes peaking out from behind my wool scarf I dreamed of wearing shorts and flip flops while smelling the aroma of roses blooming in my Mom’s yard. But at this moment I was lying in a bed of frozen golden kernels wishing I could talk with my Mom one more time. I breathed in the dust of the corn between heavy sobs, crying “Is it spring yet?” I felt like my heart would burst.

A couple of months later I was in the garage thinking I should begin spring cleaning. Between the cob webs of the top shelf I pulled down a tattered box. It nearly hit my head as it fell apart scattering its contents all over the concrete floor covered in gravel and salt from the winter roads. The cards and letters from years passed that my Mom and I had written to each other were crinkled and torn, exactly like my heart felt at that moment. My eyes were draw to one particular envelop which almost looked new compared to the others. I leaned over to pick up the envelope which was still sealed. To my surprise it was a birthday card from my Mom who had passed away the July before. Inside was a crisp new $20 bill. And you guessed it. I found the card on March 20th my birthday.

Spring had arrived. It was a NEW DAY and a NEW SEASON!

You are not reading this by accident.

This is your confirmation .

You are going to make it ,no matter what it looks like right now .

God is going to send blessings, solutions, healing, love and positive change your way.

So hold on be strong and don’t give up!

You are going to win!

This is your season!

Breakthrough is coming your way!

Believe it!

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