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Sherry Jarvis


Life, Faith, Confidence, Health, Beauty, Aging gracefully

For years, I have served as a useful source to those seeking inspiration, help, or advice. I finally decided to own that role and be intentional about it. I started writing about my passions, my thoughts, and curious wonderings about our world. I founded Natural Spunk N Shine  with a mission to give others a taste of what goes on in my mind.

Take some time to explore the blog, read something interesting, and feel free to reach out if you would like to collaborate on a project together.

I have a passion for helping women over 40 Look, Act, and Feel Younger through a supportive program offering natural solutions to aging concerns.

We can grow older or we can grow younger. I am here to help you grow younger in body, mind and spirit.

My desire is to inspire others to live with wellness purpose and abundance.

Mission Statement: To awaken the passion, to envision the hope, of maintaining and regaining physical, emotional spiritual, and financial health.

VISION: My vision is to offer people alternative solutions to every day needs which can make life meaningful

Some facts about me:

I love to have fun. Which is why I would rather play with the kids than sit around with the adults If it isn't fun then I get bored pretty fast. #havefun #lifeistooshort

My husband says that I can be annoyingly HAPPY

I only have one addiction - I am a learn-aholic. I will never learn all I need to know about God, people, horses, and the list goes on and on. #Idonotknowitall

I am a risk taker and not a lot scares me because of my Faith, and optimistic attitude. #befearless

I like new beginnings, and reaching the end goal. The long middle can get tedious to me, so I have to keep my eye on my why. #knowyourpurpose #keepongoing

I don't have any children, it wasn't all by choice, just the way life turned out and I am ok with it this way. #lifeisgood

I have lived in MT, TX, NV, WY and NE. I was raised a sandhill girl in NE and am happy to be back after being gone for many years. Even though I love it here... my heart still longs for the mountains and I want a vacation home there someday. #climbtothetop #enjoytheview

Living in the sandhills when I was growing up...I felt deprived of rocks. I had this rock collection which were really pebbles. So when I moved to the mountains I was always bringing big rocks home, and I was finally satisfied that I had real rocks. #sandboxfullofrocks

I am a home-body and have no desire to travel the world. Although I would go back to the Grand Canyon again on the overnight mule trip. And I want to go to some of the Young Living Farms. #silverretreathereIcome

I prefer doing things the old fashioned way, like using a pencil and paper, talking instead of texting, using my old lap top instead of my phone.

Boots are my favorite kind of shoes, I love to wear hats and scarves are my favorite accessory. I don't wear much jewelry. I also have way too many coats.

Leading a team of 300+ people (mostly women) is one of the most amazing, scary and honoring things ever. I feel like I mess up a lot, it is a huge learning experience and since I love learning I guess it is perfect for me. #learnfrommistakes

Telling people about Jesus and teaching about the Bible is one of the most important and serious yet joy filled responsibilities I have. #IloveJesus #Jesuslovesme

Teaching horsemanship has been my passion for years...Quitting the 9-5 teaching job with the security of the monthly paycheck and benefits to live my dream was darn scary, and I have never regretted it... even when it was tough starting a business from scratch. #liveyourdreams

I wrote and published a book called "Win Your Horse's Heart". And my goal is to write 6 more books before I die. #justdoit

I was NEVER going to be a part of an MLM. I hated those things. So scammy! Everything you *think* MLM's are... is not Young Living. #crazybuttrue #justask

I played the saxophone in high school The guitar in college, and now I play the piano for our church worship team. I want to learn to play the violin.

Most of the time I have NO IDEA what I'm doing. #onestepatatime #onedayatatime #therearedaysimight


But I am a red so I can make it look good.

My heart's desire is to know God, encourage others to be FREE in Christ... to realize how valuable they discover their divine purpose and live out who God designed them to be. #Godlovesyou

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