How I Went From Frumpy to Fabulous

My name is Sherry. I’ve been coaching, teaching, and inspiring people for many years. I’ve built 3 successful businesses, everyone tells me I look 20 years younger than I am, but I feel 30 years younger. I’m definitely not letting my birth age stop me from living my dreams.

But I haven’t always lived at the top of my A game. Like most women in the 2nd half of life I struggled with depression, mood swings, brain fog, fatigue, night sweats, lower libido, insomnia, weight gain, hot flashes, memory loss, and worst of all low self-esteem and a lack of vision for the future. My wake-up call came when a friend told me, “You seem to be sick all the time.” That crushed me.

I was desperate to find solutions. I saw older people around me like my parents and others giving up on their future, settling for less, spending loads of money on doctors, prescription meds, multiple surgeries, and an overall lower quality of life. Then I saw others wasting money on every new quick fix that promised overnight results, always looking for the next best thing that didn’t work. I didn’t want to go down either of those roads.

I knew there had to be a way, because my friend Alyce who lives on a remote ranch in WY at 80 still rides her horse, radiates a healthy glow, and isn’t on any meds or relying on one surgery after another. When I go to visit her she kicks my butt when we walk in the mountains, and I am 20 years younger than her. I wanted to know her secrets. She told me, “Keep it simple, live a clean life and have faith.” But what did that mean?

The problem was I kept listening to the lies, that it was all about genetics, and there wasn’t anything I could do. I was going to end up just like my parents, who as soon as they retired went downhill fast. I bought into society’s expectation of what aging should look like. I was ignorant of things which may accelerate aging and of the methods to slow down premature aging.

I felt hopeless because I didn’t know where to turn. I felt alone, like no one understood my desire to live my best life, no matter what my age. I felt scared, that soon I would have to give up the activities I so loved to do. I felt lied to by my previous education. It was like, I had to unlearn everything I had been taught. I felt rejected by people who didn’t agree with me, when I expressed my opinion that being vital with vigor during my latter years was possible, because I had examples of other people doing it. But I didn’t know how it was going to happen for me.

And then my big aha moment came, when I started talking to other people like Alyce, who I met as I began to attend wellness conferences. They told me about what they did to look and feel younger. Every single one of them told me they eliminated toxic things which accelerate aging from their diet, lifestyle and thinking. That got my attention.

Now obviously, I had learned about healthy eating, but for some dumb reason it had never occurred to me that my thoughts and lifestyle could also seriously affect how I aged. At that point, I knew if all these people were doing this and it was working for them, that I should be doing it too.

So I immediately bought lots of books on anti-aging and mindset. I bought courses that walked me through preventing health issues. I went to conference on reversing the effects of aging and spiritual growth and then I bought another one and then another one. I became a learn-aholic. But most importantly I applied what I learned. Then I joined and created groups where like-minded people could personally support one another in achieving a younger version of themselves.

Now at first, I wasn’t sure I could do this, because of my old mindset. I had a lot to unlearn. I was nervous that I might look foolish believing this was possible, and afraid others would think I had gone off the deep end. In fact one person told me, “You know all that stuff you’re doing won’t make you live longer.” I replied, “maybe so, but I’m going for quality of the life for days that remain for me.”

Though I still had a sinking feeling in my gut when family and friends mocked me… what if they are right?… what if this doesn’t work?

But after about 6 months I started to see results. I went from feeling like a frumpy, grumpy, chunky, punky, flunky old lady to a spunky, confident, glamourous vital woman. That encouraged me to keep working on removing the stuff that can cause premature aging, one by one, from my diet, lifestyle and thinking. Now a few years later I feel 30 years younger. I can’t even remember what it feels like to be tired and sick all the time, like my friend had suggested.

And now I feel more beautiful than I ever have in my life. My confidence is through the roof in who I am and my purpose in life. No more feeling like life is over because I’m too old. I’ve created a fresh new look, but more important I don’t just feel valuable, I know I am. I am still doing the activities I enjoy, for example: at 62 I rode my horse 2000 miles in just 8 months, all because I was laser focused on doing away with age stimulating items from my diet, lifestyle and thinking.

And so, if this is something you want for yourself, then you can do it too. Remember you are worth it. Not only will this help you look and feel younger, but you may even feel like you’ve added some time back to your life that you had lost.

My new program The Best is Yet To Come helps women in the 2nd half of life slow down premature aging by phasing out age accelerating items from their diet, lifestyle, and thinking.


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