Feeling Down in the Dumps?

Updated: Feb 20

Has life beat you down??

I think we can we safely say 2020 has been a challenge

Has it left you feeling down, like the odds are stacked against our favor?

Do you wonder if we will see the light at the end of the tunnel?

Have you hit a low point in 2020? I think we all have

Let's get back up and running together!

It almost seems like one of those years where nothing seems to go right.

Every now and then we feel like the world’s a big sinkhole filled with quicksand and we are the poor soul who happened to stumble into it.

Pulling yourself out of a deep hole can be quite difficult. And without the proper battle plan, it can be next to impossible. But with it, it becomes a piece of cake.

Here's the first rule of holes ... STOP DIGGING. It will only make things worse... if you keep digging. LOL

Yes, you might feel like your whole world is crumbling down. If You are sinking deeper into a hole... Just STOP DIGGING!

After you stop digging... all that’s left to do is repair the damage done and pull yourself out of the hole.

No matter what your situation is... I encourage you to take a couple of deep breaths, and calmly assess the situation as it really is.

Once you look at the cold facts, it usually calms the heat of the emotional battle raging in your head.

Next do a brain dump: pull out a sheet of paper and start writing. Vomit your thoughts onto the paper. Everything that upsets you, all the bad thoughts, fears, doubts and anger.

Get rid of ALL of it. Get the poison out. Dump everything in your brain that upsets you on that piece of paper. Then burn or throw away the paper and say... "Here Lord I don't want this anymore... you can have it... and I don't want it back. I trust you to pull me up out of the muck and mire... and repair any damage done. AMEN


Just when things look their very worst...Rainbows appear after the storm.

In 2020 there seems to have been a lot of storms (fires, floods, hurricanes, pandemics, riots, election chaos... etc.) There has been lots of gloom and doom talk. Bickering, fighting, name calling etc.

It is easy in 2020 to focus on the grey clouds in the sky. Life has looked rather dim and gloomy at times this year. But don't forget the showers are just minutes away.

Remember that just behind those clouds, the sun is beaming brightly – every single minute of every single day.

Today, I choose to look for the rainbow when the skies seem to be darkest gray...

How about you?

The rainbow is a sign of God's promise:

That He will guide us through any storm,

That He will see us through all our troubles, No matter what their form.

When you feel battered by life's storms, And you are filled with doubt and dismay;

Just remember God's rainbow is coming - It's only a prayer away.

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We all do sometimes. But choose not to live there! You are stronger for it!

3 Hacks to help get your Spunk N Shine back when you are feeling down

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