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Last year (2020), my word was clarity. I clearly learned that I had to zip my lip a lot in 2020.

But all joking aside I think a lot of stuff was revealed in 2020...

The light is shining on the darkness exposing evil and corruption.

I always write down my goals for the new year near the end of December. I feel like concentrating it all around one word and starting from there makes it easier to maintain throughout the year. Whenever I feel I am getting off track I think back to my word, and it helps align me. It might be all in my head, but I feel like it works.

Have you felt disconnected in 2020?

With all the social distancing, isolation, disagreements about politics, the false reality of social media, and lies everywhere I feel like we’ve lost what it means to truly connect.

So this year 2021 my word is CONNECT.

In 2021 I will choose to truly connect with new relationships and reconnect with old relationships that mean the most to me. This year I will be intentional about enjoying each opportunity to connect with people through conversations and life experiences. I will hug, laugh, love, smile, sing, pray and give more. I will share boldly what the Lord reveals to me.

I don’t want to miss out on important moments with people or God because “I’m too busy, fear or any other excuse.” Those moments may never come again. I feel an urgency to reach out to the lonely and hurting with encouragement and hope.

My focus for 2021 will be on connecting and reconnecting with important relationships, my family, all of you… and as silly as it sounds, I need to reconnect with myself and the Lord!

During the last month of 2020 I thought to myself “Is this enough?”, “Am I enough”, “Is what I am doing enough?” "Should I do more or less." It’s so silly, I know. I question myself, wondering if I really can make a difference in the world like I want to. Whenever I feel this way I remind myself that anything is possible with Christ and that through him divine connections will be made in 2021.

I definitely have a lot of business and ministry ideas for this coming year, and it is a different approach than I have done in the past. I’m praying it works, and I think it will because I’m letting the Lord guide me. In the end I think this will not only help me be who God created me to be and fulfill His purpose for my life but it will help others.

Here is my plan of action for my word of the year “CONNECT!”

1. Connect deeper with the glory and power of God. Know his Son Jesus like never before, rely on and listen to the Holy Spirit to guide me in all I think, say and do.

2. Re-connect with my husband – don’t worry we are okay, I just need more time with this amazing man.

3. Re-connect with my best friends.

4. Truly reconnect with myself in this new season of life.

5. Make more heartfelt connections with women in the 2nd half of life who want to have the last chapter of their life be their best one.

6. Connect better with my horses and students as I teach and train.

7. Connect the right words together as I write new programs and books.

8. Connect all my head knowledge to understanding of the heart.

9. Connect people who want to learn and grow to the right resources.

10. Let my light shine bright to connect those in darkness to the Light of the World.

So, that’s my word of the year in a nutshell.

Do you have a word for 2021? If so, I would love to hear your message behind it!

I want to connect with you all more in 2021... So feel free to reach out to me…I promise we will connect on a down to earth and honest level with love and compassion.

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