Rooms & Rates


March 20-Nov 20th.

* Single person reserve the whole place $50/night

* Double the fun (2 people) $80/night

* Triple the fun (3 people) $120/night

* Four people $135/night

* Five to eight if you want to double up in beds $150/night

Tax in not included add 10.5%​

These prices are when you book through us 

by phone 308-730-2150

If you book through airbnb listing they may charge a different price depending on availability of like places in the area.


Outdoor or Indoor Stalls

* $15/night/horse + tax 5.5%


* Private lessons $33/hour (max 2 people)

* Group Lessons (3-5 people) $100/hour

* Lease Horse for lessons $100/day or

$50/for half day (includes tack)


* Guided 4-6 Hour Trail Ride on Private Ranch 50,000 acres  $25/person... when ride own horse. 

* Guided 2-4 Hour Trail Ride on Wildlife Management Areas near Calamus Lake $10/person when ride own horse 

* Guided Trail rides $50/hour when you ride our horses. ​


Gain confidence in a Woman's Leadership Camp

Learn finesse in a Horsemanship Boot Camp

Have fun with your kids in a parent/youth camp

Enjoy Spiritual growth in a Spirit Horse Retreat

Non-Horse Activities Available in the Area

Water Sports: on Calamus Reservoir and River: fishing, boating, wind surfing, jet ski, tanking, tubing, canoeing. Beautiful sandy beaches.

Hunting: Deer, turkey, water foul, pheasant, growse, etc.

Other: Golf Course, Swimming pool,

Museum, Fort Hartsuff,

Jeep Rides in the Sandhills,

BRAN bike Ride in June,  

NE Big Rodeo in July,

Catfish Classic in Aug.,

Junk Jaunt in Sept.​

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