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Updated: Feb 21

Are you a woman in the 2nd half of life? Do you dream about breaking stereotypes about the older and wiser generation?

Would you rather be out skydiving or riding roller coasters than knitting sweaters in a rocking chair?

If you answered yes to those questions than I have a FB group for you called

Spunky OL' Ladies Aging Fearlessly CLICK HERE TO JOIN it is a free public group.

The month of February was “Spunky Old Ladies Month”.

Here are some women I admire who didn't fit the mold and lived beyond the limits of what most of society expects.

Julie Andrews Mother Angelica Mother Teresa Lucille Ball Susan B. Anthony Carol Burnett Willa Cather Cher Julia Child Agatha Christie Bette Davis Phyllis Diller Queen Elizabeth EmmyLou Harris Goldie Hawn Dolly Parton Katharine Hepburn Cloris Leachman Reba McEntire Amelia Erhart Bette Midler Rosa Parks Nancy Reagan

Joan Rivers

Harriet Beecher Stowe

Harriet Tubman

Barbara Walters

Oprah Winfrey

I would consider all those famous ladies spunky. They definitely had a vision and purpose...

and age didn't stop them.

Below is my dear Friend Alyce

The next list of ladies are ones you may have never heard of...but they have impacted my life greatly as mentors and living examples... who also were driven by their divine purpose no matter their age.

Patricia King (Bible teacher) Pam Erickson (Prophetic Leader) Alyce Carter (Ranch Woman and Entrepreneur) Jeanna Anderson (Entrepreneur) Amelia Kizer (at 90+ wrote her first books and rode her Bike to get groceries) Emma Nightengale (My Grandma, and a Nurse until the day she died in a car accident) Annabelle (Home Church Planter) June Campbell (My Aunt and world traveler who never aged) Cathy Saner (Preacher and Worship Leader) Karen Rolhf (Horsewoman) Linda Parelli (Horsewoman)

Who are the women you think of famous and not so famous who didn't fit the mold and influenced you to live your best life no matter your age...however that looks? Can't wait to hear your answers.

Here's a spunky ol mare I should have added to my list who has had a great influence on me.... "Dolly" the mare my dad raised and gave to me as a wedding present, she is 23 this year and still going strong.

In my new program The Best Is Yet To Come I help women in the 2nd half of life slow down premature aging by phasing out items which accelerate aging from their diet, lifestyle and thinking.

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