Is There Hope after 60?

Who’s there?

My friends and I were discussing the problems of getting older. Bev said, 'Sometimes I catch myself with a jar of mayonnaise in my hand, in front of the refrigerator, and can't remember whether I need to put it away, or start making a sandwich'.

Joan chimed in, 'Yes, sometimes I find myself standing on the stairs and can't remember whether I was on my way up or on my way down.'

I responded, 'Well, I am glad I don't have that problem; knock on wood, 'as I rapped her knuckles on the table. I then looked up and said, 'That must be the door, I'll get it!'

One day I woke up and couldn’t believe I was in the latter part of my life.

Where had time gone?

I had never really planned for this stage of my life.

To tell the truth, it snuck up on me and caught me off guard.

I can laugh at myself now. But seriously when the brain fog hit I thought I was going crazy.

Where did this cloud come from?

Would I ever be able to concentrate for more than 10 seconds?

People kept telling me just roll over, give up, and it’s all downhill from now on.

The golden years are not golden. The cloud will get darker.

What? Seriously?

Why didn’t anybody tell me this 30 years ago?

They said expect to get weaker, sicker, become forgetful, loose mobility and balance.

Give up doing any activities you enjoy because of living on a fixed income and save that little nest egg to spend on healthcare like meds and surgeries.

Now wait a minute, I thought to myself, “This is not sounding very fun.” My middle name is fun.

What was I going to do?

But that’s not all. A few years back I volunteered to play the piano and read to residents at a nursing home. I saw how too many older people are lonely, empty, overlooked, and don’t have anybody to help them. They are forgotten without a purpose or vision.

I friended one lady who never had visitors. She loved ice-cream. One day I bought her favorite from Dairy Queen but when I got to her room she was gone. I went to her funeral and only four people attended.

A person doesn’t have to be living in a facility to stop dreaming and loose hope. And just because one is one doesn’t mean it’s the end… I have seen some pretty spunky people shining their light and inspiring others, no matter their age or circumstances. I know one lady who wrote her first children’s books at 92 and she still rode her bicycle to the grocery store. I decided I was going to be like her.

I wasn’t ready to give up hope of enjoying this new phase of life.

I kept thinking there has to be a way to slow down premature aging, remain valuable, live with passion and vitality and not losing everything to health care, insurance and living expenses. I wanted to give hope to the younger generation.

For too long I believed societies idea of aging, before I decided to search for the truth.

I was determined to see my future as bright, and leave a legacy of hope and freedom.

Was it easy to go against the norm? NO

I didn’t know where to start I tried talking to others my age. They left me feeling hopeless and empty.

Then one day I met someone my Mom’s age who was actually living the way I thought was possible. I listened to her success story and she introduced me to others like herself.

I thought, "If it was working for them, it has to work for me too."

I learned one little hack from them that started to change the way my body felt. They taught me about eliminating toxic age accelerating things from my diet, lifestyle and thinking. I learned involving the mind and spirit in the process was a key to the successful results.

At first it wasn’t easy giving up things, like coffee, sugar, and negative thinking. But when the brain fog disappeared, my energy increased, aches and pains reduced, and I felt confident again… the sacrifice seemed small. And I was doing it without expensive meds, and surgeries.

The best part about it was I had hope for my future. I could see myself really making a difference in the world. It didn’t matter how old I was. I felt like I had a fresh new start and a lot of the years that had been stolen from me were given back.

Read more about what I learned. CLICK HERE!

Fast forward a few years I’ve now gone over the 60 mark and everyone tells me I don’t look a day over 40, but I feel 30 years younger. I am completely confident that what I am doing will help me live my golden years with vitality, abundance and joy. It will keep me acting younger, and enable me to stay looking and feeling younger too, so I can fulfill my vision and dreams.

Over the course of the past few years I’ve taught the powerful lesson I’ve learned to other women.

The results they have gotten speaks for themselves.

One gal said, "I am getting my smile back. I had become a grumpy old lady... I am so grateful. I have been sharing what I am learning at work."

Another one said, "I can see I have lost my vision, I am becoming brave enough to dream again."

Another one said, "I realize that I had lost who I wanted to look nice for... it should be me. I am accepting who I am really am and it is ok."

Pretty cool… huh???

The strategies I taught to my students took place in private sessions… however I’m now making it available online for anyone who wants to catch it.

I am only making it available to a limited number of students, so that I can invest my time in each person individually. You can get instant access HERE

The coolest thing about the strategies I teach is they are all natural, safe, very affordable… and some are even FREE! And you don’t have to have a lot of tech skills to take advantage of the content. With support from me and other women like yourself, you’re never alone.

With what you’ll learn in the training your body, mind and spirit will be rejuvenated and you’ll discover a new hope and vision for the future

Now I’m not going to sugar coat this, it takes time and effort.

Don’t expect this is going to be some easy button you can just push to get instant results of youthfulness.

It doesn’t work that way… Nothing does.

But if you’re tired of being lonely, empty and overlooked.

If you’re done with believing societies misconceptions about aging like I was.

Sick of getting set aside or looked down upon because of age.

Had it with loss of mobility, balance, clarity, purpose and freedom.

Then this is a coaching program that you need to enroll in.


See you there.

I believe the best is still yet to come. That life is not over until your last breath. There are still things to be enjoyed, shared, and discovered. There are still dreams to be fulfilled.


PS: If you’ve got people who could use this… share with them. Share it now or tag them in the comments below.. They’ll thank you for it.

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