Use Pay Pal click on this button when making reservations by phone with us. 

Our policies


Call Sherry @ 308-346-5663 to reserve a date.

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to reserve a date.

Deposit can be mailed to us by check: Make checks payable to Sherry Jarvis and mail to Sherry Jarvis 82507 465th Ave. Burwell, NE 68823


Use Pay Pal. We do not accept credit cards other than through Pay Pal. Use  to send deposit. 

Or use our Airbnb listing above if you are just booking an overnight stay that is not part of a horsemanship camp and they will take care of the details. 

Cancellation Policy

We work on a first come first serve basis for all our camps and retreats... which is why we require a non-refundable deposit. If it is a real emergency a deposit may only be transferred to another date within one year upon our approval. We need to know at least 10 days in advance of the date of the reservation in order to decide if we will transfer or not.

Gift Policy

We will be happy to send out a gift certificate to anyone of your choosing. Full payment for camps and retreats must be made up front for Gift Certificates. They can be for any amount.

Bunkhouse Etiquette

Have fun.

No Pets of any kind allowed in the bunkhouse at any time:

Dog Kennel available: Must be pre-approved to bring a dog for hunting purposes. There is a $10/night charge for the kennel, clean it yourself.

No smoking in the bunkhouse

Paper Products

We do not supply paper towels, but provide cloth towels.

We do supply T-paper and facial tissues.


The frig is quite small, so if you have much food, bring a cooler and ice. We are working on getting a bigger frig. But for now the one we have will have to do. It is fine for a couple people.

Bring your own feed and water buckets for your horse.

Do not let your horses drink out of our tanks.

Our pastures are not for grazing your horse, please. An occasional bite is not a sin, but please don't just turn your horse loose unless you are given permission. Thanks

Always shut gates behind you if they are closed, unless otherwise instructed.

Staying in your Horsetrailer or Camper:

We do NOT have camper hookups.

If you want to stay in your trailer or camper at our place it is $39/night, however it MUST be completely self contained.

(with generator, water etc.) No electricity or water available.

You may not put up temporary panels you can use our pens for $15/night. 

You may not use the bathroom or shower in the bunkhouse unless you pay to stay in there.

If you have to hook up a trailer or camper you may camp at one of the several camp sites in the area and keep your horse here. (Because none of them allow horses)

Here is a list of the available camp grounds.

You will need to check with them to make sure the prices are still current and if there is availablity. At this time none of them allow horses. 

These prices may or may not be up to date.

Sandhills Hacienda $25/night

46269 State Highway 96 308.346.5203

Willow Springs RV Park & Campground $20/day

46854 Willow Springs Road 308.750.1364

Calamus State Recreation Area$17-25/night

42285 York Point Road 308.346.5666 or 402.471.1414

Burwell City Park $10/night electricity only, water hydrants and RV sewer. Only 8 hook-ups on a first come first serve basis. Right next to nice swimming pool, park and river.

North 7th Avenue 308.346.4509

Guided trail rides available. Or we can show you were to begin. If on private land there is sometimes a fee. Public land is free

Clean up after yourself and your horse.

This is our home and we are very happy to share it with you. Make yourself and home. Keith is a very good fix it man. So please don't struggle with anything that isn't working. Just ask and he will help. We intend to make your stay enjoyable.


relax. revive. rejuvenate. bond with a horse
You'll be glad you did!